What Happens To My Shoulder When I Sleep?

Does this sound familiar?  You go to sleep on one side, let’s say your left side.  You doze off, but it’s just a matter of time before you wake up and notice that your hand has fallen asleep.  The obvious solution is to not sleep on that side. Seems simple, but it’s not always an option for a lot of people.  Sometimes, they can only fall asleep in one position, or sleeping on their back causes a lot of hip pain due to the turn-out of their hips.
So, why does that happen and what to do about it?
First, let’s tackle why this is happening.  If you notice it happens only on one side, the most common cause is weak muscles on the side you’re sleeping on. If those muscles are appropriately strong your shoulder will stay properly aligned and won’t cause pressure on the nerve and make your hand go numb. If one or more of the many muscles that move your shoulder shows weakness, your joints will become misaligned, causing pressure and a numb hand.
What to do about it?  Two important things.  Improve your alignment by getting adjusted, and then ask me about exercises that will make the weak muscles strong again.
Weak muscles lead to bad joint alignment which leads to weaker muscles and worsening alignment and so on and so on…
Get adjusted.  Get strong.
– Dr. Julie

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