Flip Flops? No!

​It’s that time of year again when I get to complain to all of you about flip flops, or as I like to call them, the world’s most dangerous shoe.  Summer approaches, temperatures rise, we want to expose our toes, darn it!
The problem with flip flops?  They are bad not only for your feet but for the rest of you as well – actively bad.  Why are they so bad for you?  Because they interfere with the way our foot moves when we take a step.  With every successful step, our foot lengthens into it’s stride and the toes extend as we roll our weight through and out the big toe.  Our toes, especially our big toe, lengthens with each step.
This action is not available with flip flops!  Because there is nothing to anchor your heel, you have to grip your toes with every step in order to keep the flip flop on – exactly the direct opposite of what your foot is supposed to do.  Your feet should lengthen and expand with every step you take.
Get rid of the flip flops.  Get some sandals.  Enjoy a more pain-free summer!
​- Dr. Julie


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