Achey Joints Are Just Part Of Getting Older

Are they though?

“I just worked out yesterday, so naturally my knees are stiff this morning.”


“No pain, no gain!”

Oh, no.  So much no.

These are all things we’ve seen on social media, on posters at the gym,  heard on tv shows:  it’s inevitable we’ll have achey joints at a certain age, after a hard workout, or as a result of physical weakness.  All of these assumptions sound like they could be correct, but are actually wrong.

Properly aligned joints can withstand a tremendous amount of force and NOT be worse for wear.

If your joints hurt, it’s not because you’re getting older, or just too weak.  It’s because your joints are asking to be moved differently, to be in better alignment!

Curious to learn how you can be (and stay!) in better alignment?  Call our office today, learn how your body wants to be aligned!

​- Dr. Julie


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