Stop Looking For A Quick Fix

I get it.  You’re tired of hurting, of not being comfortable enough to participate in your usual activities.  But if something’s been bothering you for you an amount of time, it’s not going to get fixed in five minutes.  No single adjustment, massage, exercise, drug, surgery or supplement is going to provide an immediate solution.  It just doesn’t work that way.
Why not?
If you’ve had any sort of pain or bad movement pattern for a while (months or even years), the reality is that you’ve likely developed compensating movement patterns, your body has adopted a guarded position to protect your injured body part, you’ve lost strength, some flexibility, things aren’t sliding the way they used to, your nervous system has created new pathways.  Once you finally start getting treatment, all these things take time to change and improve.
So, the take away from this?  If you’ve had your pain for a while, it’s going to take a while to change all those things I mentioned.  Especially if you refuse to stop doing whatever activity that jacked it up in the first place.

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