Why Is This Taking So Long?

Almost every day, patients ask me “Why is this taking so long?”.  I know, I’m just as impatient, trust me! It’s no fun to not be able to do the things you want to do because you know you’ll get “that twinge” that tells you you’re about to hurt yourself again.

So why is it taking so long?  I like to explain that question by saying, “You can teach an old dog new tricks, you just gotta do it a lot of times!”
Think about it – depending on how old you are, your back has been around for a long time, even in dog years. It’s been moving in the same patterns for quite a while.  We’re working to teach your joints new tricks.  It’s going to take us adjusting and moving your spine a lot of times while we’re training your joints to move in new ways.
Stay well-adjusted.  It just might change everything!
– Dr. Julie

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